Building the OS for Automated Mobility


Production-ready, Automotive-grade

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Introducing the only oS capable of commercializing level 4 autonomy

  • Most Safe.

  • Most Secure.

  • Most Scaleable.

AWare is the first automotive-grade operating system for fully autonomous vehicles. It enables the quick and reliable building and deployment of software to fleets of vehicles, anywhere in the world. Built on the foundation of Renovo’s 10+ years in creating vehicle and software safety systems, we are delivering the safest, most secure and most scalable operating system on the market.


Why Choose AWare?

Best of Breed Technology

From self-driving AI to teleoperation services, our ecosystem of software developers enables you to pick and choose the additional functionality you want in your autonomous fleet. AWare’s flexibility means you can swap these features at any time.

Vehicle Agnostic

AWare ensures cross-platform portability. AWare-powered vehicles command hundreds of sensors generating terabytes of data, each hour, on a safe, secure, and scalable platform developed in extremely demanding environments

A Truly Open OS

Our ecosystem partners, when paired together, allow you to create unique product offerings for your customers, unlocking entirely new revenue streams for your business. All of this is enabled, built and managed centrally on AWare


What can AWare do for your business?


Fleet Operator

With Renovo as your partner, leveraging our highly experienced team and with AWare as the foundation, we can help you get your autonomous fleet on the road faster, safer and within budget.

  • Finally, an OS solution that can actually grow with your business

  • You do what you do best, use our partners for the rest

  • Our entirely encrypted solution protects your IP

Voyage, A Renovo Partner

Voyage, A Renovo Partner


Transport Company

We are more than a technology supplier. We can help assemble every element of your autonomous fleet, with the best of breed technology, leaving your team free to focus on what you do best.

  • We’ll work with you to assemble a fleet with the functionality that fits your needs

  • Our in-house experts can help launch and run autonomous programs globally

  • Our open platform can unlock new business/revenue opportunities


But don’t just take our word for it.

AWare takes away a whole bunch of burden from us to manage our resources intelligently and safely think about how we roll out a driverless service
— Oliver Cameron - CEO, Voyage

Don’t go it alone, our 25+ ecosystem partners are here to help

With a full suite of technology partners, AWare offers you the opportunity to build your autonomous vehicle solution with industry leading, turn-key solutions. This enables you to focus on the parts of your vehicle or business that you do best. Our technology partners include:


Discover what AWare can do for your business