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AWare Data Systems

The World’s First Scaleable Data Management Solution For AVs

Proven And Reliable Access To Your Mission-Critical Data

Data orchestration is a multi-path, real-time challenge where data is immediately balanced against cost. Born from Renovo's own AV program, AWare Data Systems provides proven and reliable access to mission-critical data



Applications Anywhere, Data Everywhere

AWare Data Systems places the data where and when you need it for the applications and systems that keep your AV operating safely. Paired with AWare API we can ensure secured and open access while providing a built-in ecosystem of partners that can help with object classification, analytics, privacy and much more.

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Offload to Edge and Cloud

As an AV drives it creates and stores terabytes of data every hour. We’ve created the only high-performance data management pipeline that improves a company’s ability to offload their most valuable data to the edge and cloud for processing, product improvement, and AI development.



Build With World-Class Partners

Our Developer Ecosystem brings together the world’s best AV solutions, built on AWare. By simply using the AWare platform, you can get access to their technology and implement it in your own solution.

Our partners include;


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