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The Only Platform Capable Of Commercializing Level 4 AV's

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AWare is the first automotive-grade platform for fully autonomous vehicles. It enables the quick and reliable building and deployment of software to fleets of vehicles, anywhere in the world. Built on the foundation of Renovo’s 8+ years in creating vehicle and software safety systems, we are delivering the most safe, secure and scalable platform for AVs on the market.


Production-Ready, Automotive-Grade


Safety Layer

How do you fail safely and gracefully when there is a critical problem?

Despite modern, indeterministic AI systems, the AWare Safety Layer creates a series of fail-safes, that keep the vehicle on the road and operating safely at all times. This layer permeates our real-time systems, vehicle and sensor interfaces and developer tools enabling reliable failover in < 1ms.

Voyage, A Renovo Partner

Voyage, A Renovo Partner



Runtime Layer

How can you ensure your application won’t run out of resources?

We take AV software and create modules that can be safely integrated on any vehicle platform, enabling automotive AI apps to behave like traditional and reliable applications. Our technology breakthrough is helping customers to safely handle up to 20 applications on a single sensor.



Application Wrapper

How can you ensure your application runs at an automotive level?

We provide the tools and components that help you create safe and secure software modules. From standardized state machines to error handling, we ensure the consistent management of vehicle and sensor resources so your applications run reliably on any vehicle.



But don’t just take our word for it.

AWare takes away a whole bunch of burden from us to manage our resources intelligently and safely think about how we roll out a driverless service
— Oliver Cameron - CEO, Voyage

Build With World Class AV Partners

AWare offers you the opportunity to build your autonomous vehicle solution with industry leading, turn-key solutions. Enabling you to focus on the parts of your vehicle or business that you do best. Our ecosystem partners include:


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